Outage Aug 16

What Happened  

Last night (Aug 16) there was an underground line break of a pipe and valve at the upper pump station. This immediately impacted ALL of Zone 3 leaving this zone without water. Unfortunately this valve is next to two other valves that will need to be shut-off in order to make repairs. These additional valves will impact all of Zone 2.

Zone 2 is advised to fill jugs with water etc. as when the repairs are started (hopefully today) Zone 2 will also be without water, which could last into tomorrow.

Zone 3 is still without water. The board is trying to get some water trucked into the upper tanks to provide a little bit of water to Zone 3. Similarly this would be to fill jugs etc., but not for normal water consumption.

Everyone Please conserve water!  We will provide more updates as we progress on getting this repaired.

Aug 17 4:40 pm
Text messages sent to Zone 2 that problem fixed and water has been restored to Zone 2

Text message sent to Zone 3 that problem fixed and tanks are refilling; water pressure should be restored around 7:30 pm

Around 7:50 pm pressure was restored to Zone 3